How Shark Tank India Creating Impact In the Ecosystem

Shark Tank is a popular television show because it combines elements of entertainment and education. The show features entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of successful investors, or “sharks,” who then decide whether or not to invest in the business.

Viewers enjoy watching the pitches, seeing the sharks’ reactions, and learning about different business and investment strategies. Additionally, the show has a strong social media following and has been on the air for many seasons, increasing its overall popularity.

Create Here and Sell Global.” This is the new moto that Indian society is currently following and supporting the leaders vision “Make In India”. All around the India we are manufacturing multiple things but process are not streamlined so many entrepreneurs are trying to find the solutions for them and creating multiple products to support the Indian and global consumers.

As we are conservative society Indian parents think about the secure jobs for their children’s and no one wants to take the risk to build the business or create our own company, Here Shark Tank comes to break this ideology so anyone can do or build anything by their own. There are many successful pitches aired on the shar tank India and they have created huge impact on the consumers. Now entrepreneurs are learning from each other and its very useful for a developing nation.

Through out the show we have learned that if entrepreneur in consistent with their ideas and able to solve the problem with the technology then he can stand out with others.

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