Great ways to make money in unpredictable or bearish market.

As I’m writing the post we already entered in this new year 2023, As good thing to start we need to look out all the possible ways that will help us all to make money. As we are already aware that every country is trying to control the inflation rates and in some parts around the world many countries having fear to get in recession due to rapidly increases in central bank rates hike and sharply increase in goods and commodities prices.

Due to all the fears stock, crypto markets are not performing well. So there are some proven methods to make money and here are list:

Things you must plan this year to make good amount of return on all of your investment

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds will be the best way to make money this year. As there are uncertainty in the market its very hard to find when the market will go up or down so best way is just give your burden to the companies that will manage your funds.

If you are new to the market or first time investor then you need to understand that we have 2 categories in the mutual fund.

1. Invest Lumpsum amount

2. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

As a smart investor you can invest in both types of mutual funds, Some portion of your portfolio you can invest as a lumpsum amount(one time payment at particular moment), and some part of portfolio you can regular investment in SIP per month. As per the older records and data SIP will give better returns in unpredictable and unstable markets.

If you are the tax payer than you can choose ELSS funds in which you can save tax, the difference is just that in this type of fund you have the locking period and you can’t withdraw the amount before the same.

Equity Stocks

If you have the enough time to give the market and you have the fundamental knowledge then it is the best way to earn good amount of money. If you are new investor you can learn more about the stock market here.

You need to research about the quality stocks and need to invest your money at right moment, Its very hard to find the correct moment or correct price of stock to invest but you can do some fundamental research about the company and the condition in which you are investing you will get the good amount of return on your investment.

Rent out the property

This is by far and safest way to make money by renting out your properties, If you have the correct property at the correct location then you can earn good amount of money. If you don’t have the prior property then you should start looking out the properties in your area because this is the gold mine in terms of earning the money.

Every year your property value will increase as per the market condition and you can earn the fix amount of money per month by rent as well. As a author also this year I have target to look out such properties and invest in them so I can start the income from the same.


Yes you read it right!. You can earn money via trading in silver. Everyone told you that gold is the safest way to invest money but at the same time return on gold is very low. If you start purchasing silver on correct time you will make good amount of money, If you see the fluctuation in the silver price it is very higher than the gold. You can earn money in week, in month and in year as well if you keep trading silver at correct moment.

You can buy physically silver that is the safest option as you have your asset in your hands and you can sell it at correct price. Last year I have invested in gold and silver both and I make 3x profit in silver compare to the gold.

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